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If you often find yourself lying awake in bed at night wondering why you can’t do the Gangnam Style dance as Rick Sanchez at the March on Washington, you can rest easy, because Fortnite has made it possible with their ‘March Through Time’ interactive experience. In collaboration with TIME Studios, Epic Games recreated the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall within Fortnite, where players can watch Dr. King give his iconic 1963 ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, hold picket signs, unlock a piece of ‘D.C. 63’ wall graffiti, complete mini-games, and explore the virtual museum.

The internet is perplexed and full of questions, like why didn’t they disable emotes? Why is the loading screen an image of Rick Sanchez killing aliens with a tip that reads ‘aim for the head?’ But most of all: just, why? You can’t drop a somber interactive history lesson in the middle of a hyperactive, psychedelic Battle Royale cartoon world and expect people to be like ‘this is fine.’ One Twitter user aptly likened the Fortnite experience to attempting to ‘hold a wake in a Chuck E. Cheese.’ I’m not sure what TIME and Epic Games were going for, but I’m guessing it wasn’t the Joker dabbing in a segregated bathroom. Keep scrolling to see what Twitter has to say about Fortnite’s tonally batshit MLK gaming experience. 

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