The Suez Canal Jam Is Twitter’s New Favorite Relatable Meme – Memebase

On Tuesday evening, a massive container ship about the length of four soccer fields was pushed around by a strong gust of wind, causing the ship to become a giant blockade stretching the entire length of the Suez Canal. Hundreds of other cargo ships haven’t been able to pass through the canal, which will become a huge problem for international trade if they don’t figure something out soon. Images of a tiny bulldozer trying to dig the gigantic ship out of the mud has been a strangely relatable and Sisyphean sight for many people who have had a pretty tough time lately. Twitter was quick to meme the images into metaphors for depression, procrastination, anxiety and other particularly human afflictions.

We’ve collected some of our favorite Suez Canal traffic jam Twitter memes for anyone who’s been feeling like a monstrous sh*t show lately. 

Written by Hahahilarious

This restaurant is only allowed to sell beer if someone buys food.

Cleaning out your pockets and this is all you find