Student Finds Hatsune Miku Shrine In School Bathroom, Reveals Weird Toilet Tribute Trend – Memebase

High schools can be pretty weird places. Putting a load of stressed out teenagers in the same building for hours at a time was never going to be a recipe for calmness and normality, but the lengths some go to entertain themselves can exceed all expectations.

It was bad enough when devious licks came into fashion and students started ripping sinks off the walls. However, if a recent viral tweet is anything to go by, many teens have done a 180 and moved from sinning to worship. The infamous vocaloid software turned anime icon Hatsune Miku now appears to have a shrine in one of the girl’s bathrooms at @WEBBYMCGEE’s high school. After someone stuck a sign to the wall proclaiming an “Official Miku Corner”, people started to leave offerings including coins, half-drunk soda and tampons. 

To no-one’s surprise, the internet was delighted by this development — although they did have one or two questions about how the whole setup worked. Even stranger, though, was that the tribute encouraged people to reveal their own toilet-based altars and cult-like leanings towards random characters. Organized religion might be on the wane in many countries, but if it wants to pick up its numbers it should perhaps take some notes from these unlikely heroes.


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