Sinister-Looking ‘Croc Golem’ Has Ugly Footwear Fans Rethinking Their Life Choices – Memebase

With its increase in sales, high fashion updates and multiple celebrity endorsements, the 2020s are shaping up as the era of the croc renaissance. Comfortable and now fashionable too, people are converting to the footwear in their droves. However, this newfound appreciation is not all sunshine and rainbows.

This was proved by Twitter user @tresdessert, who recently stumbled upon a horrifying croc-based abomination. Dubbed an “extremely cursed croc golem”, the photo appears to show a humanoid/croc mashup that bears a ghostly smile and wears members of its fellow species on its feet. Although many may cower in the mere screen presence of this monster, it seems like there are a significant minority out there who are fans of the creature, and even some who have invited replicas of it into their workplaces and homes. A preliminary clue that reveals the existence of a cult based around foam clogs? Only time will tell.



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