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Despite the protestation from some corners of the United States (and the world), sensitivity isn’t always a bad thing. Tapping into what may or may not offend people is often a sign of emotional intelligence, empathy, and all-around kindness. But sometimes, especially on the internet, people take it a little too far. And that happens to occur an awful lot on Twitter. 

We’re not talking about Joe Rogan fans slamming people who think he may be responsible for misinformation. We’re talking about the kind of person that will look back at a historic moment and retro-actively cancel people who, well, just weren’t on our 21st century level. You know, the kind of people who would claim that classic fairy tales and old movies offensive. While there are some movies that we wish could be edited for young eyes (Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo comes to mind), that sort of fuss is usually unnecessary. And people on Twitter are self-aware enough to mock a large portion of the site’s users for being…that way.  

In these textual memes, people parody a person who’s just learned of a problematic personality trait or the problematic past of a character, and share that they’ll be unfollowing said person for their lack of morals, ethics, violence, cruelty etc. While a version of the meme went around back in 2019, Twitter user @ChillStableGuy gave it a bit of a makeover while expressing mock-surprise at the fact that Goldilocks is a cold-hearted thief. The meme gained some steam this week, resulting in some seriously funny takedowns of classic characters and musicians. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples, but we expect to see a whole lot more as the week goes on. After all, anything can be deemed offensive if your brain is smooth enough.

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