Meanwhile In The UK: Seagull Shoplifts, Nobody Knows What To Do About It – Memebase

Is there any bird out there that has the same cold-blooded criminal instinct as the seagull? Sure, magpies love taking shiny things and cuckoos get away with infanticide, but nothing can compare to the insult that is a gull stealing an ice cream clean out of your hand

As a species, they definitely have made a name for themselves by being greedy jerks. Sometimes, though, the lengths they will go to satisfy that greed have to be applauded. 

Recently, one bird has been admired by British Twitter users for going the extra mile and indulging in a little shoplifting. Casually walking into a grocery store and stealing a sandwich, a bystander captured the heist in all its glory and pointed out that it had forgotten to complete the meal with a snack and drink. 

The video also captures two witnesses to the crime. One person seems all too happy to help their feathered friend open the door it is struggling with, while another appears to be a shameless Karen all too happy to chase the gull for its ill-gotten food. While they might have totally opposing stances on bird-related theft, they confirm what the rest of the video already makes clear: this is a seagull’s world, and we’re just living in it.

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