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Last week, journalist @ShujaUH shared a story about a Turkish farmer who fitted his cows with VR headsets to trick them into thinking they were grazing on vast and beautiful pastures. The ridiculous image shows a dairy cow with a VR headset (presumably for humans) strapped over each eye. In 2019, a similar story about Russian farmers using VR on their cows made the rounds, but those headsets were specially made for dairy cows. According to that BBC article, “Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food cited research which they say has shown a link between a cow’s emotional experience and its milk yield.” Man-made horrors beyond your comprehension, indeed.

The recent images of Turkish cows stuck in the “Mootrix” has captured the attention of Twitter, and it didn’t take long for the memes to start rolling in. “They did The Matrix on a cow” tweeted @DannyVegito. The resulting thread of @DannyVegito’s tweet is full of Matrix-inspired memes and jokes. We’ve collected the best replies from the thread. 

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