Hilarious Twitter Meme Mocks People Who Find Gender Pronouns Confusing – Memebase

It’s 2021 and a lot of people are still confused by gender pronouns, specifically ‘they/them’ pronouns for gender-nonconforming people. It’s pretty simple, really—gender-nonconforming people do not conform to the gender binary and therefore prefer others to use non-gendered pronouns when referring to them. But for whatever reason, some people can’t wrap their heads around the singular ‘they,’ despite the fact that it’s grammatically correct. A trending Twitter meme very cleverly emphasizes the absurdity of the confusion surrounding pronouns by pointing out vastly more complicated social norms and interest groups that have been accepted by society. “Pronouns are confusing” bro literally what is quantum mechanics? “Pronouns are confusing” bro literally what is the stock market? “Pronouns are confusing” bro literally what is World of Warcraft lore? The point being, that if you can wrap your head around even basic math, you should be able to understand pronoun use. We’ve collected some of the best examples of the ‘pronouns are confusing’ Twitter meme. 

Written by Hahahilarious

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