Girl Shows Her Great Uncle Wikipedia, Starts Wholesome Discussion About Older Generations And The Internet – Memebase

As digital natives, it’s easy to fall into the habit of complaining about the internet. It often feels like it sucks up a lot of our time for no good reason, and there are plenty of valid criticisms to be made about misinformation, abuse and screen addiction. 

However, when thinking about our own online experiences we can lose sight of those that differ. For the many in older generations who are unfamiliar with the internet, its benefits can be far more appreciated — and it isn’t limited to the delights of Boomer Facebook.

When @80babeyy introduced her great uncle to the Wikipedia article on concrete, she captured the wholesome moment in a now viral video. A former construction worker, he was fascinated by the amount of information on offer and apparently claimed that the topic his “favorite subject”. 

Viewers were overwhelmingly supportive of his unconventional interest, and some were even prompted to share stories of how they had bonded with older relatives through helping them discover sites that catered to their interests. It really goes to show that we shouldn’t take the massive amount of knowledge we have at our fingertips for granted.


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