Cis Men Do an ‘Ask Me Anything’ and the Resulting Thread Is Surprisingly Wholesome – Memebase

A redditor encouraged women to ask cis men the sorts of questions they’re usually too embarrassed to ask, and the resulting thread is surprisingly wholesome, even despite the fact that 80% of the questions are about genitalia. Penis jokes aside, the thread largely reveals that straight men and women share a lot of the same insecurities—they just often manifest in different ways due to things like gender stereotypes engrained in us by ‘society.’ As it turns out, if two people are really into each other but neither is making the first move, they’re likely experiencing similar anxious thought loops. They’re not into me. If they were into me they’d make a move. I’m not attractive. I’m not good enough. I suck. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be honest with each other all the time without the fear of rejection?

If this thread is an accurate representation of most men, then it’s safe to say that men want more hugs, they really want you to make the first move, and random boners are a real thing. Check out some highlights we’ve collected from the amusing and insightful thread.

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