Cat Owner Tries Eccentric Method To Stop Her Christmas Tree Getting Destroyed – Memebase

As a general rule, pets don’t always react well to holidays. Between the influx of strange visitors and the bright decorations and noises it can be a stressful time for many critters. Naturally, this can cause them to act out and at Christmas time, the number one victim of this is the tree. 

Many cat owners have fallen foul of their beloved felines doing everything from knocking decorations off to toppling the entire thing by climbing, and it’s led some people to extreme measures. This was amusingly demonstrated by Becca, otherwise known as @becs.richards, as she tried to deter her cat from ruining her tree by giving it a fright with the branches.

Her feline friend was definitely shocked at the intrusion of personal space, and Becca later provided an update to show whether the method had actually worked, too. While some people were on the fence over the extreme approach, a lot of others pondered if it was worth trying themselves.

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