Captured Gamer Sings Song To Save His Life, Wholesomeness Ensues – Memebase

Many critics out there seem to think online gaming is all about extreme violence and yelling profanity at strangers. Sure, sometimes it can get ugly, but once in a while gamers can share an unexpectedly wholesome moment together in the middle of virtual warfare, and this video clip is a great example of that. After a DayZ crew captures another player, they give the hostage a chance to win them over with a song. The captured gamer unexpectedly busts out a guitar and sings Hang Me, Oh Hang Me with some impressive pipes. Needless to say, the captors are moved enough to free their hostage—they even manage to do a little digital dance during the performance. Gotta love a surprisingly touching moment within a notoriously brutal game. 

Written by Hahahilarious

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