An Eclectic Bunch of Memes – Now With Extra Possums! – Memebase

The advent of the cold tyranny of winter, the never-ending pandemic and (mostly) working from home have taken our laziness up a notch. Taking a stroll to the grocery store? Nothing sounds less appealing. That’s when we order delivery. Doing laundry in the apartment’s basement? Hell no. Folding fitted sheets is the worst. Better have it picked up and then dropped off by the professionals. If you’re creatively lazy enough, there are effort-reducing shortcuts for nearly every level of task or activity – and that includes enjoying memes. That’s where Memebase comes in. We’re here to absolve you all from the strain of spending hours scrolling through the internet for slightly funny images. Instead, you can enjoy them right here, in one convenient gallery. 

Written by flower14

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At least he was wearing a mask

Get a pet, they said. It’ll be fun, they said