A Thorough Explanation of ‘I Forgor’ and Why Everyone Hates It

The internet is a mysterious place. No one can predict which mundane image will become the next hottest meme template or which absurdly dumb phrase will go viral and appear in the comment section of every meme account for a week straight. If you follow popular Instagram shitposting accounts like @on_a_downward_spiral, you might have noticed an influx of ‘I forgor 💀‘ comments. What does it mean? Well, the phrase is literally an intentional misspelling of ‘I forgot,’ but the meme started in February when Twitter user @ItsNotSeabass tagged Walmart in a tweet vaguely inquiring about a question. Walmart’s customer service account @walmarthelp promptly asked how they could assist and @ItsNotSeabass replied, ‘I forgor 💀.’ The Twitter exchange went viral and those in on the joke started taking the phrase out of context to use as a funny response to other memes.

Memes die all the time, but sometimes they’re reborn into something far more absurd than their origin. Such is the case for ‘I forgor.’ Recently, shitpost accounts have incorporated the nonsensical expression into memes like ‘I have two sides.’ @on_a_downward_spiral posted so many variations of the meme that their followers begged for it to stop. Some took to Twitter to express their undying hatred for the meme. But why did people think it was funny in the first place? It’s kind of like when little kids come up with inside jokes simply by thinking everything is hilarious. On the internet, jokes don’t necessarily have to be funny in order to become popular. The feeling of being in on a joke is often enough for those participating in making something stupid go viral.

If you’re still reading and your last two braincells have made it this far, then it’s about time you scroll through some ‘I forgor’ memes to get the full experience.

Written by flower14

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