A Sad Selection Of Existential Memes – Memebase

As spring gets warmer and starts to emulate the summer, people all over the northern hemisphere seem to be celebrating. Happy couples taking sunny walks with their pets. Children running around the playgrounds. Sundresses come out of winter storage and make an appearance at picnics and on promenades. Many of these people are feeling like life is good again. But there are other people out there (like us) who know the truth. Sadness is still lurking – and in the scheme of things, it’s hard to enjoy a day drinking romp when you know our existence is a very mere bleep on the radar of the universe. These memes, which might trigger the optimistic, do a great job of expressing our existential dread and depression. We’re not here to be killjoys, but man is it good to feel seen.

Written by Hahahilarious

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