A Generous Helping of Memes for Lovers of Dumb Humor – Memebase

There she is: the average pleb. She leaves the office at 5 p.m. on the dot. As she makes her way down the beaten path, she imagines turning on an educational podcast while cooking a nutritious dinner. Maybe she’ll even read a book before bed. ‘Yes…’ she thinks to herself, ‘tonight is the night I do that self-care thing everyone’s been talking about.’ Halfway through her 45-minute commute on a particularly crowded train, fast food starts to feel pretty appealing. When she finally gets home, she plops down on the couch and tears open the Taco Bell wrappers. Avengers: Endgame is already queued up.

As the credits roll, she knows what she must do. It’s time to sleep. ‘It’s bedtime’ she tries to convince herself as her hand reaches for the phone. ‘Just one meme’ she tells herself. Soon one meme becomes fifty. She chuckles lightly, her gleeful face lit up by the glow of the screen. ‘This is the life’ she says. 

Written by Hahahilarious

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