17 Tweets About The Unforgiving Memories Of Children – Memebase

Aging sucks for a lot of reasons. Having to pay bills. Work 40 hours a week. Take care of a family. You get wrinkles, grey hair, and probably some annoying memory loss to boot. Names become harder to remember, memories begin to mix together. You know who doesn’t have to worry about that? Kids. Kids have the most incredible memories, often at the disadvantage of their weary parents. Twitter user @toddedillard shared one such instance of obnoxiously vivid memory yesterday. It seems that two years ago he burned a single side of his daughter’s quesadilla, and she refuses to let him live it down. The tweet inspired other parents to share their own struggles with their kids’ impeccable recollection skills. While it must be frustrating to have your child constantly wielding “the receipts,” these anecdotes are pretty damn entertaining.

Written by Hahahilarious

Sad guy

Pepperoni pizza rocks